Training Event according to GW 329 in Kassel

Training Event according to GW 329 in Kassel

The DCA organizes in cooperation with the brbv this year again a training event according to GW 329. It will take place on 07th December 2022 as usual in the Schlosshotel Wilhelmshöhe in Kassel and is primarily aimed at supervisors who have an examination certificate in the training levels A and B. In addition, it also serves as a suitable training event for technical personnel, site managers and supervisors who are active in the field of horizontal directional drilling.

Technical leader: Dipl.-Ing. Marco Reinhard, Vice-President DCA


09.00 am Opening and welcome

  • Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Christoph Kreutz
  • Rohrleitungsbauverband e. V., Köln

09.15 am Genauigkeiten bei HDD-Bohrungen

  • Hans Block, Brownline

10.30 am Coffee break

10.45 am Bohren in der Schweiz

  • Peter Schwenk, Schenk AG Heldswil (Swizerland)

11.30 am Baugrundrisiko und der Umgang damit

  • RA Bettina Haase

12.30 pm Lunch break

01.30 pm Aus der Sicht eines Juristen – Ihre Fragen, unsere Antworten

  • RA Bettina Haase

02.30 pm Anlandungsbohrungen im Wattenmeer

  • Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Ernst Fengler, LMR Drilling GmbH

03.15 pm Final discussion

  1. Open questions
  2. Suggestions, wishes 2022
  3. Final discussion

03.30 pm End of the event

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