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Since its foundation in 1994, the Drilling Contractors Association DCA has been releasing numerous publications written by its members. These have made a contribution to a steadily growing acceptance of the HDD method among Clients, Authorities and Planners.

The centre piece is the Technical Guidelines of the DCA, known to the industry under the title “Information and Recommendations for the Planning, Construction and Documentation of HDD projects”, which is currently available in its 4th edition from 2015 in three languages.

Other publications about issues like quality management, general terms and conditions or bills of quantities can be obtained in addition to the Technical Guidelines from the office – also by non-members.This information is free of charge for members and can be downloaded in the DCA members’ area.

The DCA’s press organ for German-speaking countries has been the trade magazine bi-UmweltBau for years. The subscription is included in the membership fee.

The DCA newsletter, published twice a year and designed as a magazine for DCA members, serves, in addition to its basic function as a source of information for members on current association topics, events, etc., primarily as a forum for presenting one’s own company within the association.

Interest aroused?

Take a look at the latest publications under the headings Technical Guidelines, Technical Information or the current press reports on HDD technology or the latest issue of the newsletter.