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External task groups

Important topics relating to the HDD industry are dealt with within the association as described in specially established task groups. In addition, the DCA is also active in external task groups such as those of the DVGW or the Rohrleitungsbauverband.

The following task groups are currently active with DCA participation:

DCA responsible: Jörg Himmerich

Contact: Joerg.Himmerich@veenkergmbh.de


The yellow print phase for DIN 30340-1 „Ummantelungen zum mechanischen Schutz von Stahlrohren und -formstücken mit Korrosionsschutzumhüllung – Teil 1: Gütesicherung Werksummantelungen“ has been successfully completed. The objections were processed accordingly, the committee has had a completely revised and coordinated draft for adoption as a white paper. It is therefore only a matter of time until the “new” DIN 30340-1 is published and available to us as the HDD industry.

In the meantime Part 2 of DIN 30340, entitled „Ummantelungen zum mechanischen Schutz von Stahlrohren und -formstücken mit Korrosionsschutzumhüllung – Teil 2: Gütesicherung Nachummantelung und Reparaturmaterialien“ has been edited. Here the drafts are being worked on further so that a yellow print can also be published soon. Part 3 will follow shortly.

DCA responsible: Julian Hirsch, Bohlen & Doyen Bau GmbH

Contact: j.hirsch@bohlen-doyen.com


In mid-2023 the DCA was asked by Günter Konrad, Senior Site Manager and Chief Engineer at Ed. Zueblin AG, Chairman of the Construction Equipment List Revision (BGL 2025) task group, to participate in the revision. Following a vote by the board, Julian Hirsch from Bohlen & Doyen Bau GmbH was recruited as the DCA representative for this task group.

The revision will primarily focus on Chapter L, “Equipment for horizontal pipe jacking and pipeline construction”. The first step will be to check whether additional or larger equipment that is not included in other chapters of the BGL could be added. It may also be possible to specify reamers in more detail in a table. Technical and commercial data will then be determined.

According to current information, the processing for the BGL should be completed by autumn 2024.