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Become a member!

The Drilling Contractors Association (DCA-Europe) offers a comprehensive range of services related to HDD drilling technology, especially for member companies in the small and large drilling technology (< 40 t tractive force, > 40 t tractive force) in Europe.

Access to Technical Information
International exchange
Access to education and training
Participation in Task Groups
Participation at Members' Forum
Exclusive Members' Area
Receipt of DCA press journal bi-umweltbau
Subscription to DCA Newsletter
…and much more!

In principle, any natural or legal person who is willing to promote the purpose of the association can become a member of the association. The association has regular members (HDD drilling companies) and associate members (supplier industry, clients, planners, experts etc.) who do not produce horizontal boreholes themselves. There are no differences within the duties and rights. Institutions or associations and individuals who have been active in the HDD-industry and who wish to remain associated with DCA in the future may also be accepted as Associate Members (Personal Members).

Regular Members (HDD drilling companies)

In order to verify the quality requirements of the DCA of potential new members, the following documents must be enclosed with the application for Regular Membership (HDD drilling companies):

  • Number of HDD drilling rigs
  • Sum of all rig Pulling forces in KN
  • Submission of at least two recent letters of reference from clients
  • Details of the quality management system
  • A list of projects in the last 3 years
  • A brochure of your company and, if possible, your latest published annual report

The membership fees for regular members are determined on the basis of the sum of the Pulling forces of the HDD drilling rigs operated by the company.

GruppeSumme aller Zugkräfte Mitgliedsbeitrag
Gruppe 1≤ 1.000 KN1.150,00 €
Gruppe 2> 1000 ≤ 2.500 KN2.300,00 €
Gruppe 3> 2.500 KN3.450,00 €

Associate Members

The following documents must accompany applications for Associate Membership (exception: Personal Members):

  • Number of employees in the company
  • Details of the quality management system
  • A short description of the achievements, projects and other activities of the last three years
  • A brochure of your company and, if possible, your latest published Annual Report

The membership fees of the Associate Members are determined on the basis of the number of employees in a company, whereby the size of the parent company is taken as a basis in each case. Any changes must be notified to the DCA Board immediately. Persons who have been active in the HDD industry or whose membership seems suitable for the purpose of the Association for other reasons (e.g. representatives from science, research or authorities) may be admitted as Associate Members (Personal Members). They have no active or passive right to vote.

Admission must be applied for at the office.

GruppeAnzahl Beschäftigte Mitgliedsbeitrag
Gruppe 1< 5   920,00 €
Gruppe 25 ≤ 501.150,00 €
Gruppe 3> 50 ≤ 2001.450,00 €
Gruppe 4> 2001.730,00 €
Persönliche Mitglieder   100,00 €

Interested in becoming a member of the DCA?

Please send us the following membership application including further documents or simply contact us. including further documents or simply contact us.

German: DCA_Mitgliedsantrag

English: DCA_Members Application

Italian: DCA_Domanda di adesione

French: DCA_Demande d’adhesion