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Tasks and objectives

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Tasks and objectives

The Drilling Contractors Association (DCA Europe) was founded on 1st December 1994 by leading companies of the horizontal drilling industry as a European Association. The method of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) has established itself worldwide as a feasible and economic alternative for the crossing of obstacles in the field of pipeline laying.

The aim of the Association is to maintain, promote and further develop the technical standards of horizontal directional drilling at a European level. In addition to establish framework conditions for use in this comparatively young method which can be improved primarily through the use of uniform standards of quality assurance and the standardisation of approval procedures and the promotion of training, research and development.

Furthermore, the association provides an international forum for the continuous exchange of experience between HDD contractors, subcontracting companies, planners, clients and authorities.

Why Quality Assurance is at the front for the DCA!

With your support we want to…

  • Promote the further develop of small and large-scale drilling technology in the HDD sector in line with practical requirements at a European level!
  • Ensure a continuous improvement and lobby on behalf of of the HDD industry both in public and with Clients!
  • Improve the representation of technical interests towards Clients, Authorities and other Institutions!
  • Increase the qualifications of members through Education and Training!
  • Support students at Universities in their education!
  • Enforce the simplification of approval procedures!
  • Jointly offer an International platform for a continuous exchange of information and experience!

As a member we offer you…

  • Participation at National and International level in our committees, task groups and workshops!
  • Constant Professional exchange with colleagues from the Industry!
  • Free subscription to the “Technical Information” of the DCA!
  • Exclusive and free participation in the annual DCA Members-Forum on HDD technology!
  • Training and further Education of your staff!
  • Participation in all events of the DCA (e.g. annual congress, further education courses, mud seminars etc.)!
  • Use of the members’ areaon the DCA homepage with lots of exclusive information and offers!
  • A lean association structure with an European board and a management that can be reached by you at any time!
  • A free subscription to the DCA press journal bi-Umwelt Bau!
  • A subscription to the biannual DCA newsletter with member information, current projects and news from the HDD industry!
  • Permission to use the DCA logo on Company papers and the internet!

and much more…

Interested to become a member?

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