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Member Companies


Member Companies

Members of the association are European HDD drilling companies from the field of small and large drilling technology (regular members). The distinction between small and large drilling technology is primarily based on the classification of the equipment used according to the size of the tractive force. Companies that use equipment with a pulling force >40 t (400 KN) are counted as belonging to the large drilling technology division. Drilling companies with equipment < 40 t pulling force (< 400 KN) are assigned to the HDD small drilling technology division. In addition, there are companies that serve both areas.

In addition to the regular members, the DCA has numerous associate members who are willing to promote the purpose of the association but do not drill horizontal boreholes themselves. These include clients, planning and engineering offices, drilling rig manufacturers, mud companies and other service companies.

Persons who have been active in the HDD industry or whose membership seems suitable for the purpose of the Association for other reasons (e.g. representatives from science, research or authorities) may be admitted as Associate Members (Personal Members). Institutions or associations whose membership is suitable for the purpose of the Association may also be admitted as an Associate Member.

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List of Regular Members (HDD Drilling Companies)


The HDD drilling companies that are members of the DCA are listed below in alphabetical order in a table. A distinction between small and large drilling technology was deliberately omitted, as the boundaries are fluid despite the 40 t (400 KN) tractive force rule. All listed companies have externally audited minimum standards (certification according to DVGW worksheet GW301, group GN 2A or GN 2B; ISO 9001 certifications or comparable quality management systems).

List of Regular Members

List of Associate Members

The Associate Members of the DCA, who also have to provide information on the quality management system used when applying, have been divided into different groups (client, training/certification etc.). Within these groups, the companies are listed alphabetically and in tabular form. In addition to the tables of the individual groups, you will also find a list of all Extraordinary Members of the DCA below.

List of Associate Members

Honorary members

Honorary members of the DCA may be conferred on persons who have rendered special services to the purpose of the Association or to science in the field of horizontal directional drilling technology. The appointment is made by the members’ meeting upon proposal of the board. In the still young history of the DCA, the former presidents of the DCA Claus Schmidt ( + ), Hans RingersGerard Hoogveld ( + ) and Hermann Lübbers ( + ) were each solemnly appointed honorary members of the association at a members’ meeting…


J.A. (Hans) Ringers, M. Sc (C.E.) Delft

    • DCA Founding Member
  • Vice-President: 1995-1997
  • President: 1997- 2003

Further Information about all member companies are available in the members’ area Mitgliederbereich