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Seminars and Courses

The seminars and courses listed below take place in Germany and the Netherlands in cooperation with long-standing partners of the DCA. As the professional association for HDD technology, the DCA is responsible for the technical programme, the speakers and the final examination of the participants.

The training centres prepare and organise the events, including registration and deregistration and follow up supported by the DCA.

Courses offered as follows:

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DVGW worksheet GW 329

The Bohrmeisterschule Celle in Germany is an internationally recognised training centre for the education and further training of specialised personnel according to DVGW worksheet GW 329. In cooperation with the DCA, it offers annual HDD training courses and a seminar on “mud technology”.

In Germany, an event takes place in cooperation between the DCA and the Berufsförderungswerk des Rohrleitungsbauverbandes (brbv)at the Schlosshotel Kassel with the aim of providing further training for specialist personnel. According to DVGW worksheet GW 329, every responsible technical supervisor must attend such an advanced training event within the term of the certificate.

The event is held annually at the beginning of December at Schlosshotel Wilhelmshöhe, Kassel.

The seminar is primarily aimed at technical supervisors who have an examination certificate in training levels A and B. Furthermore, it also serves as a suitable further training event for technical staff, site managers and supervisors who are active in the field of horizontal directional drilling.

Please register for the further training seminar and the training courses via www.brbv.de.


At the company Tracto-Technik GmbH & Co. KG in Lennestadt, a long-standing member of the DCA, holds an annual training seminar for HDD site managers in cooperation with the companies Moll-prd and AMC. It is aimed at owners and managers of specialist construction companies and drilling contractors, site managers as well as HDD project managers who already have experience in the area of calculation, planning, procedure and execution of HDD projects. The training seminar will be held in German. For more information, please visit www.tracto-technik.de


For many years, the Deltares Academy, as an educational institution of DCA member Deltares in Delft, the Netherlands, has provided standard and/or tailor-made training for HDD and other areas.

The certified HDD courses are of interest to the personnel performing the work on the equipment (maschine operators, site managers), clients, planners and others involved in the execution of HDD projects.

The “Horizontal Directional Drilling” course series consists of two practical courses, an optional basic skills course and a refresher course on developments in the field for the renewal of the CKB certificate. All important aspects for the successful execution of a horizontal directional drilling (HDD) will be covered.