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The DCA, as the European HDD industry association, has appointed representatives in the countries of Italy and Spain to support its presence in each European country. Renzo Chirulli from Vermeer, Application Specialist Pipeline – Europe, Middle East & Africa, Brian Jorgensen from Ditch Witch, European Sales Manager and Scott Stone, DCA board member, Visser & Smit Hanab b.v., support the work of the DCA very successfully in Southern Europe.

The task of the DCA representatives is to act as the association’s contact person for the respective domestic HDD industry, to establish contacts and to communicate the association’s goals. In addition, the focus is on the support of member companies and the recruitment of new members, both with the executing companies, with clients and in the supplier industry. In this way, they support the work of the board in terms of the association’s goals and help to make the DCA better known in Europe.

Since the beginning of 2020, the interests of the DCA have also been sustainably represented in the United Kingdom by member of the board Scott Stone from the company Visser & Smit Hanab b.v. as the new DCA representative. Scott Stone began his career in HDD engineering in 1988 with Visser & Smit Reading & Bates (VSRB), where he worked as an engineer in the control engineering of HDD wells. In 1991 he became project manager for HDD Maxi Rigs at VSRB before moving to Visser & Smit Hanab b.v. in 1995. From 1995 to 2015 he was involved in major HDD projects around the world. In 2015, Scott Stone moved from the operational to the commercial side at Visser & Smit Hanab b.v. with a strong focus on the UK market (Volker Trenchless Solutions). Since the 2019 members’ meeting, Scott Stone has served as an assessor on the board of the association.

Scott Stone started his activities in the UK at the beginning of 2020 and was immediately successful in recruiting members. With the companies Eco Drill England Ltd, Markey Drilling Limited, Mc Cormack Drilling, Gmac Utilities Ltd and Nicol of Skene Ltd, he was able to inspire five new full members from the island to join the DCA. Other companies have expressed their interest.

The DCA is also continuing its efforts to install DCA representatives in other European countries.

  • Contact personbetween the DCA and the domestic HDD industry.
  • Creation and maintenance of a country-specific registerof HDD companies (and suppliers and clients, if applicable)
  • Advising the association on promotional activities, participation in interesting events, congresses, etc.
  • Supporting the public relations work of the association at domestic congresses, conferences and industry events, in which the DCA cannot actively participate (giving lectures, displaying promotional materials, contacting potential members, etc.)
  • Informing and advising the DCA on specific requirements, reservations, difficulties of local HDD companies in relation to the quality requirements and/or orientation of the DCA

Interested in supporting the DCA as a representative?

Please contact us!

DCA-Representative UK

Scott Stone (DCA-board member)

HDD-technical specialist

Visser and Smit Hanab b.v., Netherlands

email: s.stone@vshanab.nl

DCA-Representative Italy

Renzo Chirulli

Application Specialist Pipeline

Europe, Middle East & Africa

Vermeer, Netherlands

email: r.chirulli@dca-europe.org

DCA-Representative Spain

Brian Jorgensen

European Sales Manager

Ditch Witch-EMEA, Spain

email: b.jorgensen@dca-europe.org