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Registration Members’ Meeting 2023

Members‘ Meeting 2023

Drilling Contractors Association (DCA)


Wednesday, 29.03.2023, 03 – 06 pm

Simultaneous translation: German/English


Hotel Patentkrug Oldenburg

Wilhelmshavener Heerstraße 359

26125 Oldenburg

Phone: +49 (0441) 4806000


Dear members of the DCA,

we would like to officially invite you to the yearly Members’ Meeting of the Drilling Contractors Association (DCA-Europe) on Wednesday, 29th March 2023 in Oldenburg. Following the meeting the DCA invites all participants to a joint dinner.

As announced the event will be held as a hybrid event. The possibility to hold hybrid members’ meetings of registered associations (e.V.) in Germany, which was created during the Corona pandemic, has been repealed with effect from 31st December 2021. In order to adapt the legal situation, the Federal Council has drafted a bill to amend section 32 of the German Civil Code (BGB), which passed the Federal Council on 09th February 2023. The law must now be approved by the Federal Council. An objection is currently not to be expected. Finally, the law still has to be promulgated in the Federal Law Gazette.

Since it is not yet foreseeable whether this will be the case by 29th March 2023, the board has decided to restrict voting rights during the event to participants on site. Should the law come into force before the event, we will inform you immediately. In this case, additional online voting would then also be legally compliant. A pure online meeting is not envisaged even under the new legal situation.

If you wish to transfer your voting rights in accordance with §9 No. 1 of the DCA Statutes, please complete and sign the power of attorney (see downloads) and send it to the office and the authorised member by 22nd March 2023 at the latest (please by email).

Note: However, a member may not represent more than three third-party votes.

You will receive the access data for digital access via the internet platform Zoom with the member info 05/2023 one week before the event.

Below you will find some further information on the agenda (see downloads).

Under Top 2.2.7, Johannes Rotter will present the results of his bachelor thesis from 2021 on “noise emissions on HDD construction sites”. The work was supported under the DCA 2021 sponsorship programme.

Due to the changes in the law in Germany last February regarding the implementation of online members’ meetings in associations, which is now legally legitimised in the BGB (German Civil Code), the board has decided to amend the DCA statutes accordingly. The proposal for the amendment of the statutes is also attached (see downloads).

Elections to the entire board will continue to be held this year. The board under the leadership of the incumbent President Jorn Stoelinga, LMR Drilling GmbH, is standing for re-election.

The following members are thus standing for election:

  • 1. Chairman Jorn Stoelinga
  • 2. Chairman (Small scale drilling) Marco Reinhard
  • 2. Chairman (Large scale drilling) Atef Khemiri
  • 2. Chairman (Associate members) Marc Schnau
  • Treasurer Jürgen Muhl
  • Board Member Scott Stone
  • Board Member Jörg Himmerich
  • Board Member Ronald Siebel

Further proposals for the individual board positions can be made at the members’ meeting.

At its last meeting, the board decided to propose a fee increase of 10% retroactive to 01st January 2023 due to the general cost increases and the necessary adjustments in parts of the financial budget. Detailed reasons will be given at the members’ meeting. For further information, the last fee adjustment took place seven years ago on 01st January 2016.

Informationen about the registration

Registration for the members’ meeting will be digital only from this year on!

Please register for both on-site and digital participation. In addition, please also indicate your participation in the dinner. Due to limited space there is a maximum of three free places per member company in the conference room. Please note when registering.

! The registration deadline is 17th March 2023.

If you have any questions about the members’ meeting, please do not hesitate to contact Dipl.-Geol. Mrs. Antje Quante.

We wish you a good journey!


    I (we) hereby register for the Members meating of DCA on 29.03.2023 at Patentkrug in Oldenburg.

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