Task group 4 – Digitization


The majority of HDD rig manufacturers, especially for small scale rigs, have moved to equip their rigs with automation systems providing extensive means for data acquisition and recording.

The operators of these rigs are showing an increasing interest in analyzing and processing this data for the purpose of failure analysis, progress reports as well as quality control measures.

Beyond that it is meanwhile common practice on individual international markets that Clients demand a fully automated data recording for HDD projects similar to the requirements that are already now made for larger pipe jacking projects in Germany.

It is of interest of all parties (both operators and clients) to standardize data acquisition as well as transmission to allow for common solutions to process this data.


Jaguttis T 2 crop web  Technical Leadership:   

    Dr. Tim Jaguttis




The workgroup „Digitization“ is aiming to draft a guideline for the acquisition, transmission and recording of machine data to provide effective means for data exchange between different makes of machines as well as Client applications or solutions.

The following aspects are to be covered:

  • Review of common automation systems as well as recorded machine data
  • Definition of relevant machine data for exchange (e.g. torques, advance rates, rpm) including their respective units (e.g. SI-Units) or conversion factors
  • Compilation of further information to be recorded, possibly operator input (e.g. status, shift, operator)
  • Definition of reasonable recording frequencies depending on machine status or recording of min/max values for longer intervals.
  • Specification of possible data transmission for offline (e.g. USB stick, CSV) or online (IP based, OPC) operation including file formats and protocols, preferably based on “open” standards to allow data exchange by standardized hard- and software interfaces, independent of machine make.
  • If required, rules or recommendations for visualization or filtering of data during (post) processing.

Members of the task group:

  • Scott Stone, Visser & Smit Hanab bv
  • Jörg Himmerich, Dr.-Ing. Veenker Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH
  • René Schrinner, Tracto-Technik
  • Manuel Pohl, Tracto-Technik
  • Jordi Camps Querol, Catalana de Perforacions
  • Simon Herrenknecht, Herrenknecht AG
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