Every natural or legal person willing to champion the cause of the association can become a member. The board decides on membership applications upon receipt of a request in written form. The association has regular members (drilling companies) and associate members (supplier companies).


Regular Members

Regular members are legal or natural persons who professionally execute horizontal directional drillings with their own equipment.


Associate Members

Associate members are legal or natural persons who are willing to promote the aims of the association but do not execute horizontal directional drillings themselves. Associate members who start to execute horizontal directional drillings during their membership will become regular members. There are no differences between regular and associate members in terms of obligations and rights.


Extraordinary Members

Institutions or associations whose membership answers the purpose of the association can become extraordinary members. The affiliation is resolved by the members’ meeting on the board’s suggestion. In individual cases extraordinary members can be exempted from the fee. They have no active or passive right to vote.






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